Privacy Policy

1. General

Mother of all Bids (MoaB)is a service provided by Krona Technologies, your data is collected and processed by us exclusively.

2. Visitors

Visitors are those of you who view and do not go on to register. Visitors' data is saved on our servers in an anonymous format. We store:

  1. the website that you visited us from,
  2. the website that you proceed to from our site, and
  3. your IP address.

Absolutely no other personal data is stored about you during your visit to the site.

3. Registered Users

To participate in MoaB, some personal data is required of you. You therefore need to agree to the collection and storage of this data.

4. Data We Store

The personal data we store is the information needed to identify you. As a bare minimum, we need:

  • your name,
  • your address,
  • your date of birth,
  • your e-mail address, and
  • your mobile phone number.

As a Registered User, all of your activities on the site are monitored, including:

  • when you register
  • when you buy Credits, and
  • When you win Auctions

All of your actions are stored and you cannot withdraw your consent to this without closing your Account with MoaB.

During some processes, data is temporarily stored on your Internet Browser as you move from step to step. This is only done in order to improve your experience of the site, and is only stored for as long as is necessary for you to complete the process. For example, purchasing a Credit Package uses Cookies to hold the information you have entered; when you make payment the Cookies are deleted from your Internet Browser.

5. How do we use your data?

Personal data is used to communicate with you (usually by e-mail) regarding any Auctions you win and any Products you buy. In addition, we use your e-mail address to send you information on any Special Offers our site is currently running and occasionally to enable third parties, authorized by us, to provide technical, logistical or other services. Addresses are used to deliver won Auctions and bought Products to you.

6. Payment With A Credit Card

If you pay for Auctions with a Credit Card, then we do not store this data temporarily, or indeed, at all.

7. Cash Auction Wins

If you win an Auction for Cash, and you wish to transfer this cash to your Bank Account, then we store your Bank Account information securely. All data is stored securely on our servers.

8. E-mail and SMS Newsletters

When you register with MoaB, you agree to receive information by e-mail and by SMS. MoaB uses these methods to inform you of new functions, or special promotions. You can opt out of receiving marketing information such as this in yourUser Dashboard section.

9. Disclosure of your Data to Third Parties

Your personal information may be passed on to third parties only if this is necessary to:

  • process a payment transaction or,
  • process a business transaction with our partners.

We will never release any personal information on you to third parties if you have not given us your express consent to do so.

11. Law Enforcement

Personal data will be passed on to police officers and compliance and regulatory officers and authorities if we are required to do so by law.

12. Viewing or Changing The Data We Hold

You can view the information in your MoaB Account at any time and update it as necessary using your MoaB Username and your MoaB Password. The email address you used to activate your Account can only be changed by contacting Customer Services.

Once we are informed, we will adjust incorrect data accordingly.

We will notify you upon request at any time as to whether and what personal data in respect to your identity or your pseudonym has been stored.



13. The Use of Cookies at our Website

MoaB uses so-called "cookies", which are files that are stored on your computer that can be retrieved to assist in customizing your experience with the online service. The information saved supports the functionality of the site, for example by keeping track of your visual preferences or controlling the frequency of "pop-up" windows. These cookies are deleted after one month. You are free to prevent cookies from being saved on your hard drive by adjusting the corresponding settings in your browser. It is not necessary to accept cookies in order to use our service. However, we would like to point out that turning off these settings may result in limited functionality.

Non-personal data is gathered on behalf using cookies, log file data, and code that is embedded on our websites. uses this non-personal information to help improve the services it provides to its users. The non-personal data gathered is used to provide anonymised statistical information.

15. Security Measures

The information in your MoaB account and in your MoaB profile is password protected, so that only you have access to your personal information. Please note that you are not permitted to provide your password to anyone else.

MoaB will never ask for your password in e-mails that you receive unexpectedly or that you did not request. Please remember to log out of your account and to close your Internet Browser when you leave the MoaB site; this is especially important if you use a PC in public locations. At present, this is the safest way to ensure that no one has access to your personal information. We assume no liability for the abuse of login data and passwords used.

16. Protection from Web Crawlers or Spam

MoaB assures you that we will use your e-mail address with your express consent only for the above purposes. Your e-mail address will never be sold to third parties. We have technology that prevents your e-mail address being recorded by 'web crawlers' and 'web spiders'. However, if you believe that your e-mail address has been recorded in this way, please let us know why immediately.

17. Changes to Data Protection Laws

If changes are made to Data Protection laws, we will indicate this on the MoaB website.

18. How Do I Remove My Data?

You can revoke your consent any time by cancelling your registration.